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Key issues our clients in Oxford are facing

Christine O’Hare, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Oxford (CAO), together with the Chair of the Trustees, Danielle Rowe, and Matt Fisher, Quality, Compliance and Training Lead, met with Anneliese Dodds, MP, and Lizzie Diggins, Councillor and Communication Officer to Anneliese, to discuss the key issues that our clients in Oxford are facing, and how best to tackle these local challenges.

Topics covered included the cost of living crisis, rising energy prices, and how clients can access local support funds to help them struggling pay for basics, including energy bills.

Another key objective for CAO is to find more local venues, in the city centre where they can provide confidential face-to-face appointments.

Chris O’Hare, Chief Officer of CAO, said:

Although we have recently moved out of our premises in St Aldates, we are still very much open to the public to provide advice services, over the phone, email and, for anyone who can’t access us via these channels, in person. We currently have advisers on hand at the Central Library, in the Westgate Centre, on Mondays and Wednesdays (10-1pm), but are looking to expand these hours and offer in-person drop-in services from other places in Oxford. Anneliese and Lizzy were very helpful in providing ideas for possible venues.

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